New Restaurant At Burano Condos

Guess what? There is a new restaurant at Burano Condos coming to the corner of Bay and Grenville Streets in the next little while!

Called “Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken”, it will be located on the south side of the building where the historic wooden door of the Burano Condo retail area opens up onto the corner of the street.

From doing a little looking online, Nando’s already has restaurants in Canada in Alberta, British Columbia and other parts of Ontario. Until now however, their restaurants in Ontario have been focused on the suburban markets. With this new Burano Condo location, the restaurant will have their first central location in Ontario.

Aside from Canada, they are located around the globe in such unexpected locations as Fiji and Zimbabwe. In fact, the company began in South Africa, which explains their prominent presence in many countries in Africa. And if you want a travel challenge, Nando’s will provide you with free food for life from their restaurants if you can prove that you have eaten at a Nando’s in every country they operate in!

Despite the company being born in South Africa, their food is actually of Portuguese origin, with specialities around Piri-Piri spices, sauces and grilled chicken. Plus, if you like the tastes you try, you can also purchase the sauces, cooking sauces and marinades to take home with you too. Sounds tasty!

In terms of community, Nando’s goal is also to help out by displaying works of art from local artists that are unique to a restaurant’s location. In doing this, they still maintain their own quirky image and embed themselves nicely into a neighbourhood.

With an earthy and healthy style towards food, this Nando’s restaurant is sure to be a big hit on Bay Street. And how lucky those Burano residents will be to be living so close by!


    • says

      With nothing posted on the storefront nor on the Nando’s International website, it’s anyone’s guess as to when it opens exactly. I’m going to be keeping an eye on the progress as I imagine it will be open and in full swing by the summer months.

    • says

      Still no word, and from poking around the windows and opened door on Bay at Grenville, we’re still a long way off. It’s bare bones inside, and it doesn’t resemble a restaurant yet within the interior.

      Interesting that the cafe/restaurant space on the north end of the building has just finally been leased. No word on what’ll be moving in, but it’s clear that Burano will be a little hot spot for food.

  1. Rainbow Makers Stained glass says

    I am one of the local artists who Nando’s found through my work
    for Kelsey’s restaurants. I made the stained glass windows. I must say it is a long while since I enjoyed a project so much and I have to give full credit to the Nando’s team for knowing what they wanted. The windows were made in Barrie at my studio at 123 Dunlop st. East, made with european and american hand blown rondeles.

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